Jokers Custom of the Month

the limited Availability special flavor created by Joker for your enjoyment!

New Flavor Monthly

Jokers May Custom: 

One Piece Challenge

the hottest piece of jerky you will ever eat!

The Jokers One-Piece challenge Contains: Jalapenos, Habaneros, Ghost peppers (Scoville 855,000), Wicked Nightmare Extract (Scoville 1,000,000) Trinidad Scorpion (Scoville 2,000,000) Satan’s Blood (Scoville 2,000,000) Carolina Reaper (Scoville 2,200,000)

48401304-0E6F-4C36-8EE9-96AEDD8F1481 (1).jpg
6967697C-EA34-46D7-812D-D0265BE54CEE (1).jpeg

Jokers 7 Levels of HELL

the hottest challenge for Jerky with 7 pieces of increasing heat to test the limits and see how much heat you can really handle!

So can you handle the heat?